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cover The Learner Manual and the Trainer Pack for the Dedicated Award Scheme of SA Wingshooters for Dedicated Hunters are available from the office. A complimentary set was handed to officials of the Central Firearms Registry. SA Wingshooters can assess members who did not previously qualify for Dedicated Hunter status. The Training Pack is for use by the association's trainers and is a companion pack to the Learner Manual.

According to the Chairman of SA Wingshooters, Dr Raoul van der Westhuizen, the Manual was compiled and adapted from the Proficiency Award Scheme of the British Association for Shooting and Conservation.

'This enabled SA Wingshooters to produce a world class outcome-based manual that meets international standards,' he said. 'Without the generous help of the BASC, it would have taken years to produce and wingshooters would have been unable to achieve Dedicated Hunter Status.'

'It is important to realise that Dedicated Hunter status is conferred under the Firearms Control Act and as such is not intended as a training of hunters or wingshooters. In the first place, it is about safety and conduct in the field. The first objective of the Manual is to ensure that we all talk the same language and act the same way in the field and follow the Codes of Conduct and the Laws of the Land.'

The Dedicated Hunter certification is available to members of SA Wingshooters at R199 per certification, which includes the Dedicated Manual, free Registration for Assessment, two free assessment attempts and, if successful, the free issuing of the Dedicated Award and Dedicated Hunter Certificate (the practical shoot assessment fees are separate and payable to the assessor). RPL Members who are already Dedicated Hunters under Recognition of Prior Learning may want to buy the book purely for interest's sake. It is worthwhile reading and highlights some very important issues!

bird To order by phone: +27 (0)11 781 3613

  1. Apply for the Dedicated Award assessment witb SA Wingshooters (R199 incl). The manual will be provided, and your registration, learnership, and theoretical assessment costs are included.
  2. Claim RPL and study the Manual.
  3. Register for an Assessment for the Dedicated Award (Theoretical Assessment).
    The registration for this assessment is free of charge. The theoretical assessment is done on-line and if successfully completed, the practical assessment may be undertaken.
  4. Obtain a Clay Shooting Certificate (Practical Assessment). You must shoot a total score of at least 50% on two rounds of 25 targets per round of a standard certified clay target shooting discipline (e.g. Trap or Compak). In addition confirmation must be provided by the shooting accessor that the candidate meets standard clay shooting safety requirements.
  5. If the assessment is successful, the Dedicated Award is registered free of charge.
  6. The Dedicated Hunter Certificate is issued after ratification by Exco.
VERY IMPORTANT: Maintenance of your Dedicated Status

The Firearms Control Act 60 of 2000 requires that the holder of a Dedicated Hunter Certificate must participate in ‘dedicated activities’ in order to maintain the Dedicated Hunter status. The Act also requires that the accredited association (SA Wingshooters) must have a ‘dedicated process’ in place to monitor the continued participation of Dedicated Hunters in such ‘dedicated activities’. This is the reason why dedicated members are required to submit a Dedicated Activities Report (see above right) annually to SA Wingshooters at the latest by the end of September.
The Association has no choice and this report is a compulsory requirement by law and a must to maintain your Dedicated Hunter status.


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